How We Got Started

Lynh started out flying RC helicopters as a hobbyist. His passion for the hobby grew quickly and led him into the world of RC Helicopter racing and, soon after that, multi-rotor UAV's. He was able to put his pilot skills and technical understanding of UAV's to use by building hundreds of RC helicopters and multi rotors over the years. 

With the introduction of RTF platforms hitting the shelves, Lynh noticed a large disparity between the flight dynamics of custom built multi-rotors and RTF aircraft.  This disparity encouraged him to seek out a way to recapture the responsiveness of a custom built unit, while increasing user feedback and overall safety in the RTF market. The prop issues that DJI faced only further encouraged his pursuit for safety as it related to propellor loss.

Lynh developed a prototype plate system and tested it diligently - holding it to the highest standards. After countless flight tests and multiple versions of the plate system, we have arrived here. We now offer a safe propeller option for your Inspire 1, Inspire Pro, and Matrice that meets all of the criteria set forth above. You now can fly without fear of losing props, as well as all of the performance benefits that the professional drone pilot expects.